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LIST has precision cutting equipment that enables industrial, aerospace and commercial customers to consistently get the exact shapes and sizes they require.

LIST has the cutting line for cutting flat rectangular blanks from main coils with widths 500–1530 mm and thicknesses of between 0.4 mm and 3 mm. With technology of stretch levelers a much better flatness, totally free of inner trapped stresses, is obtained.

Totally computer-controlled with diagnosis, automatic coil feed and quality control.

We have our own trucking fleet for local and regional delivery and a great group of common carriers for customers who are out of our immediate areas.

Course of sales of non-ferrous metals

Alluminium 1802.0 10.0
Copper 6002.0 -5.0
Lead 1780.0 12.0
Nickel 11930.0 110.0
Tin 19850.0 -40.0
Zinc 2730.0 15.0